I make things with computers

The first time I booted a computer to program it was in 1989. Since then, a lot has happened. I am working with the internet since 1996, and made my first site as early as 1997. It gracefully disappeared over the years. Self-taught HTML and a little bit of Perl only get you so far. I did manage to improve during the last two decades, but I don't do Perl anymore. Instead, I gained knowledge about user interfaces, interaction design, motion design, database design, and a bunch of programming skills to make this all work. Add project management, budgeting, a bit of SEO and SEM, and you have me. Oh, and I made an Arduino blink and I own a Raspberry Pi*

Digital craft

Throughout all my life, a lot of people would not understand what exactly I do. Even after showing the results, their reaction was almost always: "So… you do things with computers?" First I was annoyed, I was horrified. After a while, I gave it some thought and yes, that is what I do. Working with the computer as a tool to create excellent digital products. Make things. Explore the possibilities and build opportunities. A kind of digital craftsmanship.

I started my first own business as early as 2000, and have since then always been either a partner of a business or held a business on my own. I know enterpreneurial thinking and acting by heart.

In 2015, I finally moved to Dubai. Driven by the incredible diversity and the influences of so many different cultures, this buzzing and humming hub with its endless possibilities ignites my creativity in so many ways.

What's that sound thing?

I record sound. I know a little bit about that, so come and try me.

*I actually know how to make Raspberry pie, but I prefer to make the best apple crumble in Dubai.